Mettle and Loam Apothecary & Nutrition

the brain& of Alanna Whitney, clinical nutritionist and radical herbalist. Based in Santa Fe, Mettle and Loam combines the magic & artistry of medicine making with deep & honest nutritional knowhow.

  • A clinical practice & consulting service with offerings to guide clients to deeper knowledge of their own resilience - in both body & heart

  • An herbal apothecary line of exquisite & inspiring herbal medicine to help us recall our mettle. 

  • Our medicine invokes the healing, sinewy power of the dirt itself: groundedness, embodiment, healing that is slow and strong and quiet. We offer an array of elixirs and tinctures, broth blends, tea, and more, all inspired by the strength and patience of the natural world. As many of our ingredients as possible are carefully, lovingly, and conscientiously wildcrafted either by us or by plant-people-friends in far flung places. What isn't homegrown or ethically wildharvested is organically grown.