Badass Sleep Potion


Badass Sleep Potion


som·no·lent (ˈsämnələnt/): sleepy. drowsy. tired.

this relaxant & somnolent potion helps relax and ground the nervous system, soothes the frayed parts, and brings restful sleep.

Will it work for everyone? No. Any sleep formula that’s sold as fool.proof is a shiny bauble of marketing. What I can say about this formula is that we have lots of repeat customers and we get good feedback.

The herbs in this formula are best suited for those folks who have a hard time falling asleep and might sleep a little lightly*. Ingredients: catnip, linden, skullcap, passionflower, chamomile, california poppy, hops, brandy, honey.

  • For best results, use pulsed dosing

    • take one dose (30-60 drops) 45 min to an hour before bedtime

    • another dose (30 - 60 drops) at bedtime

    • you can add another dose in between if need be

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