Bitter Flower


Bitter Flower


Sometimes the question “what does this thing do?” is hard to answer when it comes to herbs and inspired formulas like this one.

Possible answers include:

  • it is a bitter formula, so helps stimulate digestive secretions

  • it is a liver formula, helping to gently improve the detoxification function of the liver

  • it is an exhilarant formula - a spirit.lifting, happy.making potion comprised almost exclusively of flowers - calendula flowers, rose flowers, basil flowers, honeysuckle flowers, st. john’s wort flowers, orange blossoms, with a little bit of tangerine peel

  • it is a taste of summer, a reminder of the brightness and possibility and pleasure

Use this formula as you would cocktail bitters, use it to flavor fizzy water for a bright summer drink, or take it directly to help lift spirits and get things moving.

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