Calm & Focus Powder

Calm & Focus Powder


This powder is our version of an adaptogenic drink powder: nourishing, bolstering, and deeply fortifying, without the stimulants.

It starts with a careful blend some of our favorite mushrooms: Lion’s Mane is known for its capacity to strengthen cognition and nourish neurological pathways, Reishi offers magic for spirit calm and wisdom, in addition to powerfully enhancing innate immune function, and Cordyceps, famous for its respiratory enhancement and ability to improve physical energy (in addition to aiding adjustment to altitude). Ashwaganda helps to nourish and rebuild the nervous system while enhancing sleep, shifting stress cycles toward more resilient calm, and improving anxiety. Shatavari provides moisture (making it helpful for dry bodies, inside and out), but also helps us connect to the deep well of water in a more energetic sense: a yin tonic, it helps to connect us to receptivity and to rebuild and nourish the body in a long term way, especially where people are burned out from pushing too hard for too long. Finally, the sweet malty flavor of mesquite powder, ground vanilla beans, and ground cardamom seeds give this powder a lovely depth.

  • Uses: Use 1 - 2 tsp in 4-6 ounces of warm water and milk or milk substitute for a delicious morning beverage. Some folks also love including this powder in a smoothie!

  • Clear glass jar contains 50g of herbal powder blend. 1 tsp ~ 1 g, so the jar contains roughly 50 tsp.

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