Heart Protector No. 1

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Heart Protector No. 1


Heart Protector No. 1 is an invitation to re.inhabit our hearts, though they be wounded or broken or tender. While this medicine is imbued with my prayers for protection and liberation, the bones of this potion were a gift, an inheritance, from my friends & teachers Paul Bergner and Sheri Hupfer. 

Heart Protector No. 1 is our go-to formula for traumatic recall, shock, heartbreak, heartache, that particular feeling of unease that comes from taking on other people's energy, and for boundary work. 

This tincture formula features some of our most powerfully protective and thorny plants

  • Rose buds & thorns are a balm where something has been taken or lost - heart medicine in the truest way, they give us the protection that is required to soften and tend to our vulnerabilities and tender spots. 
  • Devil's Club allows us to stand in our truth and protects the heart so that we may re.call our selves unabashedly and without fear of judgment from with world without. 
  • Hawthorn berries & thorns bring sweetening and softening, while protecting with lance-like thorns. Hawthorn is medicine for liminality - it allows us to occupy the space in between.
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