Lavender Citrus Bitters

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Lavender Citrus bitters.jpg

Lavender Citrus Bitters


This bitter tincture formula is the perfect blend of citrus, lavender, and vanilla. Lavender flowers are calming, at once aromatic and bitter, and a lovely digestive aid in and of themselves. Citrus, including tangerine, grapefruit, and orange blossoms, are warming, bitter, and brightening. Roasted chicory root, dandelion root, and burdock root add depth, an earthy bitter flavor, and extra liver.oomph. Mexican vanilla beans, cardamom seeds, and maple syrup add sweetness and some lovely round aromatics to round out this formula.

How to take bitters:

  • take it before a meal or if you’re like me and you never remember, take it with a meal

  • use in fizzy water for a delicious mocktail

  • use in cocktailsJust a few drops of bitters on the tongue helps to stimulate digestion.

About Bitters

Just the bitter taste itself gets things moving all the way down the digestive tract. Traditional foodways all include the regular consumption of bitter things (at least in part because many, many wild foods have bitter tastes), but the bitter taste is something we have self selected away from in our modern culture.

Enter: digestive bitters formulas. The tincture extraction of bitters into alcohol makes for an easy way to add bitters back into our diets: a handy, portable, shelf.stable digestive aid.

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